Optimizing your main body systems is crucial for general health as well as specific needs.

In all diseases and symptoms more body systems are involved

Most medication is related to the body system were the complaint is present and disturb other systems, these are called adverse reactions. Other medication is used to treat adverse reactions, and disturb the function of our main systems even more  etc.

Often people end up feeling worse and less vital with all the medication they  “have to” take compared to their condition before they started to take medication. 

-Beta blockers can be responsible for lack of energy, erectile problems, memory loss because they reduce blood flow.
-Medication to increase bone density can cause joint and muscular stiffness, memory loss.
-Medication to lower LDL cholesterol often cause joint and muscle problems
-Anti histamines can cause severe health problems.
-Anti biotics can weaken your immune system

When you are suffering from a disease/symptom it is important to know what systems are involved and how to recover and optimize the synergetic functions of the following systems:
-Cardiovascular system
-Immune system
-Digestive track
-Urinary track
-Musculoskeletal system
-Hormonal system
-Limbic System
-Calcium resorption system
-Brain Functions
-Respiratory system

If all systems are in balance you are healthy!

During 15 years of research in our naturopathic practice we unrevealed the connections between symptoms  and involved systems.Ourgoal is to assist in recovery of  your systems and maintain them in optimum condition.  It might sound to good/simple to  be true. Our motto is

 “The Proof of the pudding is in the eating”

All our ingredients are natural and approved by  The Dutch Health Department.
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