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"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind"

Paracelsus, 1493-1541

Our Mission

  • Commitment in maintaining / improving your quality of life
  • Offering formulations and complete kits for your specific needs
  • Sharing our knowledge to your benefit
  • Implementing your feedback to constantly improve our formulations and service


The Natural Synergy for recovery-balance-wellbeing

We offer:

  • In-house designed natural formulations and kits based on scientific research
  • The combination of Western medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Amazon herbs, Quantum Physics, Aroma Therapy, Flower remedies, Color Therapy
  • Our physical ingredients are also carriers of added frequencies similar to Homeopathy-flower remedies- essential oils- bio resonance
  • Production in accordance with HACCP regulations and Dutch Health Authorities
  • Tested in our own natural health practice.
  • Manual encapsulation without fillers - additives
  • Ingredients of the highest purity and quality, as we personally know our suppliers
  • Our formulations are well thought-out and based on the synergy of the ingredients 
  • Made in The Netherlands (Europe)


How it started

Synergy Nutriceutica B.V. with brand name ThreeWells was founded in 2000 by the current owner Rob Nijssen.

His middle son Frederick, born in 1996, changed after his 18 perfect and healthy months into a child who lost speech, had constant infections and fever, skin eruptions, slept only 3 hours at night, had stools with incredible high acidity causing second degree burnings, lost eye contact, had constant stomach ache, completely lost social skills and was not functioning properly for the child of this age.
After consulting neuropediatricians, gastroenterologists, immunologists, dermatologists for one and a half year he decided to stop his successful international trading company and started studying. His background was engineering.

His starting point was that Frederick did function perfectly and after 18 months he completely regressed so he tried to discover what triggered it, what systems were disturbed, what was the connection between body systems and what was the damage and how it could be reversed or optimized.

Western medicine is based on specialization on each body system, and based on symptom treatment most often, with medications that reduce a certain system but can disturb other body systems and cause new symptoms.
It was clear to Rob that the only way was trying to recover each body system without disturbing other systems.

Orthomolecular approach
I started with the orthomolecular approach, which was successful until a certain level. Very high quantities of food supplements were required to compensate the disorders in the metabolism.
This approach is quite expensive and not really successful in eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, toxins. 

Diet intervention combined with the orthomolecular approach works really well, since it is eliminating food that the digestive system cannot tolerate and cannot be metabolized properly. The downside is that these food restrictions cause a lot of stress and frustration and consequently have a great impact on behavior and the social environment (birthdays, parties, visits to McDonalds). Our challenge was to reduce food intolerances by improving the digestive tract. Stress has an incredible effect on the digestive tract and metabolism.

Herbs & Natural medicine
I started to study herbal medicine based on scientific and documented results. The combination of Ayurveda, Amazon Herbs, Chinese Medicine, African Herbs, Indian herbs is incredible powerful and also based on creating balance in the human body and soul.
Western medicine hardly has not-harming solutions for viruses, parasites, fungi, toxins. Herbal medicine can be very effective on these issues, and without severe side effects and disturbance of body systems.

Alternative approaches
During my research I was open for everything that possibly could help my son as long as there were no major risks involved. 
A combination of Quantum physics, Bio resonance, Aroma therapy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Color therapy, spirituality resulted in incredible improvement on behavior, stress reduction, sleep, emotional stability, cognition.

Miscommunication and (unwanted) lack of respect result in stress and stress is the most suppressing factor in our quality of life.
Special (gifted) humans like people with Autism are often forced to adapt to western standards and rules, they cannot cope with this and get frustrated or worse.
This also causes a lot of emotional and physical disease for "normal" human beings. 
Mutual respect is the key to good health

Over 15 years of research and practice of natural medicine had made something very clear:
There is not one supplement to permanently cure a disease or disorder, but if you give your body and mind the same care and maintenance as your car most health problems will be reduced by 50%.

If you need personal advice please email us so we can give you (free) specific advice.

 "The proof of the pudding is in the eating"


Rob Nijssen